Worship on June 16 at 10am in...









Bow Tie Cinema

Our worship service takes place in the Bow Tie Cinema in Hoboken at the intersection of 14th St. and Grand St. We’re on the 3rd floor in theater 5. Directions.

Text in Your Questions

If you have a question about anything at any time during the service, we invite you to text that question in to (201) 754-5271. Before worship ends, Pastor Matt will respond to at least one of those questions.

Parking & Transit

If you are driving, on-street parking is available north of the cinema between 15th and 16th Sts. Garage parking is also available here. NJ Transit buses (route 126, 119, and 89) also run nearby with stops on 14th and 15th St.

Engaging Worship

We combine the best of our Christian traditions from the past with the “new song” of the church in the present. We direct our modern sound and timeless words toward an eternal God.

Every 3rd Sunday

Mile Square Church meets for worship in the Bow Tie Cinema every 3rd Sunday of the month at 10am from January thru August. Weekly worship will begin on Sunday September 8, 2019.

Kids in Worship

Our kids are watching us all the time learning from our example. This is why we believe it is so crucial our children worship with us–crying, wiggling, and all. Changing tables, diapers, and wipes are provided for parents of very small children.

“So, what does a service look like?”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is probably worth at least a million. Check out last month’s livestream to get a sense what our services look and sound like.

Our Tradition

Our desire and mission as a church is to be a compelling connection to Christ and the Christian community. No matter what your experience with organized religion has been and no matter what your faith tradition is we want you to know one thing:

You are welcome here.

Our church walks in the Lutheran tradition, which is rooted in the grace of God, faith alone in Jesus Christ for salvation, and whole-hearted trust in the Bible as the Word of God. These roots lead us to confess a faith, which challenges us to let God transform us into renewed people and to think and act differently than the culture we live in (Romans 12:5). To learn a little more about the Lutheran tradition and its teachings about God, His commands, prayer, and the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion, feel free to read through Martin Luther’s Small Catechism by clicking the link below.

Common Questions

Are my kids welcome in the church?

Absolutely. This is a family-friendly church, and we believe it is a powerful thing for families to worship together. That being said, we recognize kids can get squirmy if they’re sitting too long and babies might cry. If you need to, feel free to simply step out into the hallway and enjoy the service from the doorway while your baby crawls around, or step into the lobby down the hall and livestream the service from your phone by going to our Facebook page. We also have prepared activity packs with crayons and coloring sheets related to that morning’s worship theme to engage your kids during the service. They will be available in the hallway outside the theater 5, so feel free to take as many as you need! And last but not least, if you’ve forgotten anything in your diaper bag, we have diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream in the men’s and women’s bathrooms for your convenience.

What should I wear?

At Mile Square Church, we urge you to simply come as you are. You don’t need to get “cleaned up” spiritually before you come to God, so why worry about what to wear? So throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and we’ll see you at church.

What denomination are you?

As mentioned above, we are a church that walks in the Lutheran tradition, and more specifically we are a part of the denomination known as the Lutheran Church––Missouri Synod (LCMS). Now, you might be asking this question for one of several reasons. First, maybe you’re determining whether you are “allowed” to come or not. For instance, since we’re Lutheran, you might say, “I grew up Presbyterian, so I can’t come.” Or “I’m Catholic so I guess I can’t go.” As stated elsewhere on our website, no matter your faith tradition, you are welcome here. All Christians confess the same core truths, and our denominations simply confess differently on other points of doctrine (e.g. baptism, communion, etc.). Why? That’s a question worth asking, but consider this an invitation to give our church a try despite what you grew up in. This is a church where we can dialogue and discuss belief together in a safe, open environment. Second, you might be wondering about our denomination because you care deeply about what a church confesses about things like baptism. If that’s you, feel free to visit our denominational website (www.lcms.org) and do a little research, or reach out to Pastor Matt at [email protected]

What other questions do you have?

Feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you right away.