Mile Square Church is a new Christian community in Hoboken. We wanted to create a church that no matter what your experience with religion was you could still step into this community and feel safe to ask your questions and seek your purpose together with others.

We’re a church that wants to be a compelling connection to Christ and the Christian community. 

In other words, we’re just followers of Jesus leaning into his grace, pursuing authenticity, collaborating together to make a difference, and having fun doing it. Got questions? Email us by tapping below.

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When we think of church, many of us usually think about the hour or two you spend there on a Sunday morning. But do you think one hour on Sunday morning is enough time to really bring you to the place you want to be in your relationship with God? We believe you will go further in your faith faster by joining a Connect group.

Fall groups will be announced soon.

To learn more and join a group, download the Church Center app on your phone and search for Mile Square Church.

Real Talk is a discussion designed to raise the bar on the quality of the conversations  that are worth having.

We live in a cultural moment that seems to become more polarizing by the minute. We believe that a respectful forum like this is not just important, but necessary.

Conversations take place every 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Mason Civic League (see event link for specific details).

Join a Help Team

As a church one of our main values is collaboration. We believe that “we” is better than “me”, and when we work together in unity to accomplish a common goal we help tell the story of the God who brought us together under one roof to be in his family. If you want to help tell that story, tap below.

What are "Help teams"?

At Mile Square Church we have a number of different help teams that come together for the common purpose of running our Sunday morning worship experiences. 

How do I join a team?

If you’re interested in joining a team, or learning more about what is available just click the button below to email us. We’ll get back with you right away.

What teams are there?

Our Help Teams are the AVL (audio, video, lighting) Team, the Set-Up/Tear-Down Team, the Welcome Team, and the Worship Team. We believe God has gifted each of us with talents and abilities to collaborate together to make amazing things happen. If one of these teams piques your interest and you’d like to know what roles are available on each team, tap the button below.

What if...?
  • I’m looking for a church home?  We’re really glad you’re looking for a church home and we hope we’ll earn the right to be that church. Joining a Help Team is a great way to grow in your faith. It’s also an opportunity to be part of making a worship experience that you, your friends, and your family would love. On top of that, we’d also encourage you to take the next step and join a Connect group either this or the following term and come to any MSC event that’s happening!
  • What if I’m still figuring out what I believe, or what if I don’t believe at all? Figuring out what we believe and understanding who God is, is a big deal. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote that when we draw near to God, he draws near to us. Jesus has told us that telling others about God’s love and showing others that love in a tangible way is really important to God. So it stands to reason that joining a Help Team will be a great way to get to know God more. On top of that, we would encourage you to take your questions and skepticism to a Connect group. We want to walk with you as you try to figure out Christianity.

Community EVents

Jesus taught that the second greatest commandment was to love your neighbor as yourself. Love is more than a feeling; it requires action.

That’s why we believe it’s not merely good, but necessary to reach out into our community.

The way we do this most is by intentionally partnering with the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) to assist in creating community events to build relationships and bless the individuals that live in those properties. Want to get involved? Tap below!

Latest Sermons

When Heaven Is Silent

We see and experience tons of suffering, don’t we? It makes the Christian ask, “Why doesn’t God answer me?” and the non-Christian ask, “If God really exists, why doesn’t he act?” Listen to see how Jesus and the Gospel help us process these questions.

Text: John 11:1-44

Coming Up Short


Have you ever said, “This is impossible”? We’ve all had times when we simply came up short. We didn’t have what it took. Listen to hear how Jesus responds to us in those moments.

Text: John 6:1-15

Why the Resurrection Matters

Easter is the day Christians celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead. But did he really? And if he did what does that mean for me? Listen to find out.

Text: John 20

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NOTe: Mile Square Church is a church start, which is affiliated with the New Jersey District of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS). “The Kairos Network” is an organization that operates under the umbrella of the NJ District and provides resources for new church starts in the NJ-District of the LCMS. Our support system is provided by our affiliates.

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