Mile Square Church is a new Christian community in Hoboken. We wanted to create a church that no matter what your experience with religion was you could still step into this community and feel safe to ask your questions and seek your purpose together with others.

We’re a church that wants to be a compelling connection to Christ and the Christian community.

In other words, we’re just followers of Jesus leaning into his grace, pursuing authenticity, collaborating together to make a difference, and having fun doing it. Got questions? Just ask.

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Worship Services begin

January 20, 2019

As we ready ourselves for public worship services in Hoboken, we are grounding our preparation in a monthly worship and prayer gathering called Vespers. If you would like to pray and worship with us for the mission of Jesus in Hoboken, or are perhaps thinking about joining the launch team we’d love to have you pray with us. 

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Altogether Beautiful

Altogether Beautiful is a women’s Bible study of the Song of Songs that explores what it means to be loved fiercely and called beautiful by the God of the universe.


Adulthood isn’t always everything it’s cracked up to be. You’re surrounded by 401ks, insurance, bosses, potential spouses, and everything in between. How can you begin to navigate your 20s and 30s, and still honor God in the process?


We believe everyone should feel safe to ask their questions and seek their purpose. The Alpha course facilitates a candid conversation about the meaning of life, God, and faith.

Real Talk is a discussion where we talk about religion, politics, and everything in between. Sounds crazy, right? We know.

However, in a culture that seems to become more polarized by the minute, we believe that a respectful forum like this is not just important, but necessary.

Conversations take place every 3rd Monday at Symposia Bookstore in uptown Hoboken (see event link for specific details).


Join the Launch team

What is the launch team?

The Mile Square Church Launch Team is a continuously growing group of people whose aim is to come together to use their various gifts and abilities to create a Christian faith community in the city of Hoboken. As we work together to build a grass-roots Christian community we will study God’s Word, build friendships, and participate in community outreach. Our work together will culminate in 2019 as we prepare to launch healthy, weekly worship and a thriving, missional church that will connect people to a life-altering and eternity-altering relationship with Jesus.

What can you expect from us?

As a community, we need to lean on one another. Our hope is that Mile Square Church will be a spiritual home and resting place for you. We commit to helping you grow in your faith as a disciple of Jesus, being there for you through thick and thin, and praying for you however we can.

What will be expected of me?

God has given each of us various talents, assets, and abilities along with a circle of influence within which are friends, family members, and co-workers. Did you know that you could use those gifts and connections to change someone’s life? 

So are you interested? Click the button below and we’ll talk soon!

What if I belong to another church?

We would say that we are a “kingdom-minded” church, which is to say we aren’t in competition with other Christian churches. Fact is, different churches reach different people and new churches reach new people.

However, we want to ask you to do two things: 1) Pray for us and how God is leading you to support the mission and 2) ask God if he wants you to join our team for a season. This is a tremendous opportunity to grow in your faith, and we hope you consider it.


Jesus taught that the second greatest commandment was to love your neighbor as yourself. Love is more than a feeling; it requires action.

That’s why we believe it’s not merely good, but necessary to reach out into our community.

The beautiful thing about love is that it doesn’t require a church building. Love goes beyond the walls and into the world, and that’s why we’re starting now. Will you reach with us?
Latest Sermons

Jesus Our Brother

Sometimes our circumstances can make us feel alone. It makes us wonder if a God in heaven can truly relate to what we’re going through on earth. Can God truly empathize with us?

Text: Hebrews 2

Dealing with Doubt

All of us are well acquainted with doubt. Some fear it while others embrace it as central to faith. As Christians, how do we deal with doubt in a healthy way?

Text: Mark 9:14-29

Are You Ready?

What does is look like to be prepared? Whatever it looks like, Jesus wants us to be prepared for his return, and so one time he told a story about what it looked like to be ready. Listen to find out.

Text: Matthew 25:1-13

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NOTe: Mile Square Church is a church start, which is affiliated with the New Jersey District of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS). “The Kairos Network” is an organization that operates under the umbrella of the NJ District and provides resources for new church starts in the NJ-District of the LCMS. Our support system is provided by our affiliates.

SO to support MSC either Write a check to “Kairos–Hoboken” and mail it to:

LCMS–NJ District

1168 Springfield Ave.

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or Give online. The process is easy, simple, and fast.